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Becoming a Pharmacist Independent Prescriber in the UK, is it Worth the Hassle?

  The introduction of independent pharmacist prescribing in May 2006 in the UK was aimed at improving patient care, to provide quicker and more efficient access to medicines and to make the best use of the skills of qualified pharmacists. Over time, it was also envisaged that it would help to reduce the workload of […]

COVID-19 vaccines and how they work in the UK

We’re amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and the race for a safe and effective vaccine allowed us to accelerate diagnostics and have developments in record times. There are currently more than 50 COVID-19 vaccines in trial worldwide. So far, extensive studies on five vaccine candidates have been published, including the vaccines developed by Pfizer, Oxford/AstraZeneca, and […]

The Role of Pharmacist in General practitioner Surgery in the UK

General practitioners are physicians that patients come to see on a regular basis. They can be the first contact with the patient in the primary care setting. They attend to most chronic or acute health issues of patients and are most times the first point of contact for patients who are seeking a diagnosis for […]

Becoming an Independent Prescriber Pharmacist in the UK

The desire to make greater use of the skills and specialisation of the pharmacist so that a more flexible system for the prescribing, supply and administration of medicines to patients can be developed has been the main driving force behind the introduction of pharmacist prescribing in the United Kingdom (UK). Independent pharmacist prescribing was introduced […]