About Us

Welcome to Pharma Inspires!

We’re a dedicated platform where pharmacists can come to:

  • Connect with their peers, and
  • Get the tools they need to complete revalidation processes

And for those keen to work as a clinical pharmacist or independent prescriber in a General Practitioner Surgery, it’s a place you’re able to LEARN, CONNECT and SHARE with the full support of our experienced clinician’s already working in the profession.

So, whether you’re a community, hospital, industrial or independent pharmacist – or want to train to become one – Pharma Inspires help you to learn, connect and share.

Be The Difference

The world of Healthcare changes constantly – and it’s up to pharmacists to stay up to the date with the latest breakthroughs in medicinal care.

Pharmacists, to many people, are the face of medicine.

They trust us to prescribe the correct medication for their condition because the confidence in pharmacists has been built by trained professionals who’ve continued developing their:

  • Knowledge
  • Attitudes, and
  • Behaviours

That’s why Pharma Inspires encourage prescribers to Learn, Connect, Share.


Our learning zone provides access to an e-learning module that throws you into the heart of real-life clinical scenarios.

You’ll face decisions that’ll test your knowledge and equip you with the skills to handle patients day-to-day.

The learning module can also be used to help you complete your CPD (Continuing Professional Development) which will support you in achieving your revalidation.


Looking to connect with other pharmacists, wherever they may be?

Peer Discussion is a forum where you can post clinical questions or request information from your peers.

By creating a community, we become stronger.


Our social learning platform allows you to share your knowledge or experience with pharmacists and trainees.

It’s also a great place to share news and events that could prove useful for other pharmacists to attend.

Meet the Team

We have a multidisciplinary team here at Pharma Inspires. A wide-ranging group of Prescribing Pharmacists, and General Practitioners.

Ayoade Adeniji

Pharmacist Prescriber

Wayne Troake

eLearning Developer

Cat Lamoon

Multimedia Developer and Photographer

Hassan Mughal

Clinical Pharmacist

Katie Hacking

Pharmacist Prescriber

Rebecca Livesey

Clinical Pharmacist

Simon Prendergast

Clinical Pharmacist

Dr Temi Adeniji

General Practitioner